Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Here We Go

Yesterday we found out the results of my daughters allergy testing.  Not only is she allergic to mold, dust mites and kitty cats, but we have been asked to remove the following foods from her diet:  gluten, dairy, milk, corn, peas, eggs and nuts.  Can you say OH MY GOODNESS!  My first thoughts were, "how in the world am I going to do this?"  I love me some carbs … mmmkay.  She’s also 3 and very used to eating all of the foods she’s not suppose to anymore. How am I going to take away her beloved granola bars?  So we are starting today.  Below I’ll outline what we ate today and how we dealt with all sorts of new challenges – today’s tackle, a snack at the mall.

Breakfast – Vanilla Rice Chex and a banana.

Snack at the mall – A fruit cup (I had a minor panic attack when I realized she couldn’t get a muffin at Panera or a piece of banana chocolate chip cake at Starby’s.  And she HAD to have a snack!)

Lunch – Oatmeal and an apple

Dinner – Pork burgers, potatoes and some vegetables

Dessert – An all fruit Popsicle

Day 1 done!  Not exciting food, but I’m working on it!  Hopefully I’ll be able to try some more homemade meals that are actually meals!  Itchy’s be gone!

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