Friday, July 12, 2013

The gluten free - meat eating - vegan

Eating entirely wheat, corn, pea, dairy, egg and nut free isn't easy.  We've decided we are basically gluten free, meat eating vegans.  I've been working hard to adapt recipes I find online and meals that we normally eat to things we can eat as a family.  Most recipes I find specially geared toward eating a specific diet have a bunch of 'weird' ingredients in them.  I'm not into that.  We've also decided that since our 'little lady' can't eat these foods, we shouldn't either.  Unless we shame eat them in the pantry while she's doing something else.  Not like that has ever happened : )  It IS much easier not to have the food in the house.  Jim and I will eat food she's not suppose to at a restaurant, but she usually has something she likes then!

When shopping I try and find foods that are gluten free and vegan.  That usually encompasses all of the foods we shouldn't eat.  Corn can be a bit tricky.  Some gluten free foods are made with corn flour instead of wheat and corn starch or corn syrup is in quite a few things!  Our doctors did say that she can have corn starch or corn syrup if it is lower on the ingredients list.  I've still been trying to cut it out though!

Here's an outline of her menu from yesterday!

Breakfast - Homemade granola bars.  These are AMAZING!  I'll be posting the recipe soon!

Lunch - Homemade chili.  I used a recipe from and skipped the cheese and cornbread.  It was yummy! We also had unsweetened applesauce and lettuce.  She likes her lettuce!

Dinner - Spaghetti.  This was tricky.  We've tried multiple types of noodles and haven't found one we liked.  Tonight we did!  We began using rice noodles and they actually taste pretty good!  They take a little longer to boil and need to be rinsed, but there wasn't much of a taste difference and no crazy after-taste!  We did skip the garlic bread and Parmesan cheese.  We had fruit on the side.

Dessert -  Brownies.  These did NOT work well!  I tried buying the Betty Crocker gluten free box mix of brownies.  I thought I could use egg substitute and vegan butter instead of the eggs and butter listed on the box.  Not a good idea.  The brownies were NOT thick and fudgey but very flat and hard.  I had to struggle to cut them.  Next time I think I'll try my own mix!

This weekend I want to try my own enchilada rice dish and shredded chicken! Happy weekend everyone!

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